The Show Concept

The Figure has been drawn, painted, sculpted, carved, photographed and videotaped. It has been depicted from cave drawings to the present, used as a focal point of contemplation from ancient sculpture through Renaissance sensuality, to modern abstraction. Meaning, emotional connection and invitations for thought, connection and understanding are often reflected through its shape, positioning or setting.

Our figures move beyond form to become vehicles for conveying messages to the viewer. They can be a voyage between worlds or time - gestural and stately, relaxed or straining with tension. Though we work in different mediums, a binding through-line we share is the invitation each of our pieces offers the viewer to find a personal connection and interpretation with our work.

We present a gallery show of figurative art in both two and three dimensions, crafted in materials ranging from the solidity and weight of bronze to the airiness of watercolor on paper and painted silk, from the mechanical precision of poured metal to the organic, free form and ever-changing nature of kinetic sculpture. Our work can contain subtle monotones or dynamic, vibrant colors, and through its contrast, carry the viewer through a range of moods and emotions.

None of our work is static, it is all infused with a sense of motion which appears to be captured for a split second for the viewer to contemplate, before it changes and moves on. Suitable for spaces of varying size, our work can include installations specifically created for a specific venue or location, to assist in weaving it together into one story, and providing an enhanced atmospheric experience for visitors.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of The Figure As Vehicle.