Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marsha De Broske on Creating a Bronze Look with...Fabric

Marsha De Broske is well known in the Central Florida area as an accomplished bronze sculptor, but those who have not seen her work in a while may be surprised to learn that she has extended her style to other, lighter weight materials as well.

An example of the Marsha's interesting use of Powertex
One of these that will be featured prominently in the Mount Dora exhibition is Powertex fabric hardener, a substance which can be used to coat figures made of wire and fabric. When carefully painted, it can have an appearance almost like bronze. Marsha describes why she enjoys working with it this way:

"Powertex allows me to make quick sculptures that have great movement and gesture. I love the feeling and look you can get from this material. They can be abstracted or detail can be added.  You have time to move the pieces and change their interaction with others before it sets.  It can look like bronze but it is not involved with the time consuming process of the lost wax method."

Here's a short clip of her demonstrating the sculpting process with Powertex from one of our Bradenton events.



  1. Marsha, Great Job!
    Your artwork is so unique; I like your style !

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